Choose Your Weapon – Dark Souls Guide


Choose Your Weapon – Dark Souls Guide

The various weapons available as you progress through Dark Souls vary dramatically in size, weight, power and versatility. Depending on your character build

DARK SOULS | Best Upgrade Path For Weapons

Which is the best upgrade path for my weapon?

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Dark Souls beginners guide (basic builds / dmg scaling / staring weapons)

So you have starting problems with Dark Souls? There is no shame in admitting, we all had! But with a certain understading of the basic combat and dmg-scaling and a good starting weapon you can overcome the struggles and … GIT GUD!

folllow me!

Equipment, Scaling, Poise, & Equip Load – Dark Souls Remastered Beginner’s Guide (2018) – 08

(links to specific topics below!) In this episode of my spoiler-free absolute beginner’s guide, we look at the equip screens and look at how we read the various bits of information to help us choose the gear we want to use.

We’ll look at lots of things, inlcuding: damage types, parambonus / scaling, equip requirements, poise, equip load, & item discovery.

There’s a lot to cover, so bring a notebook! 😀

Intro/outro music: used with permission 🙂

‘Jump to’ links:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Status Panel
1:24 Left & Right hands
2:20 Viewing weapon offensive details
3:16 Critical
3:29 Viewing weapon defensive details
3:51 Stability
4:02 Param Bonus / Scaling
4:40 Weapon Requirements / Two hand bonus
6:07 Aux Effects
6:15 Durability & weight
6:49 Consumables, Arrows, Rings
7:01 Viewing armour defense & resistances
7:24 Poise (short version!)
7:38 Equip load & movement speed
8:21 Item discovery
9:08 Outro