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Вступительный ролик Crysis Warhead

Crysis Warhead – Mission 1 “Call me Ishmael”

Crysis Warhead PC gameplay mission 1.
Mission 1: &feature=share &list=UUibbfBmw1BPVpCOon7Yw1Gw
Mission 2: &feature=share &list=UUibbfBmw1BPVpCOon7Yw1Gw
Mission 3:
Mission 4: &feature=share &list=UUibbfBmw1BPVpCOon7Yw1Gw
Mission 5:
Mission 6:
Mission 7:

This is vanilla game, but i used only one mod – NanoSuit Ultra Classic created by Chrome235. This mod works fine under Crysis and Crysis Warhead.

Have a nice watching 😉

Crysis Warhead прохождение на русском – Часть 1: Зовите меня Измаил

Прохождение Crysis Warhead на русском, сопровождаемое “живым” комментарием.